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Q1. Can I put up a shed or greenhouse on my allotment?

Yes. However, they must comply with the allotment rules and you will need permission before erecting the building.

Q2. There was a building(s) on my plot when I took on the plot, Will you maintain it?

We only maintain the communal sheds on the allotment site. If there is a shed on your allotment you can continue to use it but if there are any repair issues you will be responsible for them. If you have a particular concern about a shed or greenhouse on an allotment you are about to accept the tenancy for, please contact us first.

Q3. What is the standard size of buildings allowed on my plot?

The maximum size should be 8 x 6 ft although exceptions maybe made by the Committee and maybe subject to planning permission from the Local Authority.

Q4. How much space are my buildings allowed to take?

The maximum amount of the Allotment Garden allowed to be hard landscaped e.g. patio, internal paths, etc is 20%.


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